Baby Shower Charades

Are you throwing a baby shower party and confused about the baby shower games? You can always engage the guest of your function by offering them to join baby shower charades.

Baby shower party has to be memorable for everyone – for the guests, for the hosts and of course for the parents. Baby shower games have become a tradition in all baby shower parties. Even you think that the games have become well out of date and not interesting anymore, you will have to attend the baby shower games as part of the custom.

Let me give you some idea as to how to arrange a baby shower charade.

First ask the guests to split into two teams. Write down any baby related lines, poems or cartoons in some pieces of paper and keep them in a bowl. You can draw pictures of baby holding a toy, riding a bicycle, changing a diaper, taking a bath and so on. After that each participant has to pull out a paper piece and has to tell something that correspond the picture. The party who will describe more events wins.

If you want a vibrant party, visit any good website that offer many baby shower party ideas. You will find more piece of information than you will ever need.


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